Our Revive Lace Integration System combines hair enhancements with your own hair through a breathable lace mesh base. We carefully add the lace mesh base to your existing hair without the use of glues or heat of any kind. This system is ideal for clients with a variety of hair loss. How it works – we design a custom made volumiser to your specific requirements taking into consideration your head shape and hair colouring. Integrating your own hair carefully with our soft lace mesh, we then attach real natural hair. This initial process takes just a few hours to complete your new look.

Every 4-6 weeks your volumiser will need to be re-tightened and every 4-6 months you should have your system re-aligned. During the realignment process we will remove your system entirely in the comfort of your own private room. We will then shampoo and treat your natural hair and scalp (your volumiser will get a pamper too). Once both are dried – and coloured if needed – we will then refit your volumizer so you feel like yourself again, pampered and refreshed.



This amazing new concept consists of a volumising system that intertwines your own hair with hair enhancements to create that natural look and is mostly for women with thinning at the front of the hair line.

This system will need re-fitting every 4 weeks and re-securing every 3 months. This maintenance will keep your system fresh and clean, allowing your hair and scalp to breathe through the volumiser.



We offer a beautiful range of high-quality hair pieces and wigs. We stock premium brands including Dimples and Ellen Wille. With such a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours, you will be spoilt for choice. However, if what you find still isn’t 100% perfect, we are on hand to help with fitting and even a little cut and shape if needed. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether this option is due to hair loss, or just wanting the option of a new look, we can’t wait to meet you and help you on your way. All wigs purchased include a free fitting and cut and style if needed.

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We understand that making the decision to invest in a new system or wig can be really exciting but also can be overwhelming. At Revive we are a friendly professional team that is always on hand to help make every customer feel comfortable and at ease.  You can enjoy refreshments, massage chairs and great customer service all within the main salon or feel free to request your own PRIVATE ROOM.



People Suffering from alopecia

Transgender women

Cancer patients

Women suffering from Trichotillomania

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